7/10 Split: Happily Ever After
7/10 Split: Happily Ever After

7/10 Split: Happily Ever After

7/10 Split is Cal State Fullerton Circle K’s bi-annual fundraiser in which guests are able to play bowling, billiards, ping pong, and more. Not only did we have attendees from our home division, Citrus, but we were able to invite our fellow Metro and Foothill members to join the fun. As we played under the stars in a majestic wonderland, we raised funds for one of our District Fundraising Initiatives, Pediatric Trauma Program. The event was hosted by our  hard working Fundraising Chair, Alayna Lieu, alongside her Fundraising Committee and Creative Committee led by Christine Nguyen. 

This is my third year in Circle K and my 5th time attending 7/10 Split, and this hands down has to be my favorite time. Not only did I have fun schooling people while playing pool and bowling, but it was heartwarming seeing everyone enjoying their “Happily Ever After” at the event. We even got to witness our very own member Adam Djabra, all dressed up in a suit, sweetly ask Teresa Nguyen to UCSD’s Masquerade Ball with a sign and flowers! 

It such a bittersweet moment as the year is ending, and the term is coming to an end. I remember at the Spring 7/10 Split, all the board members were running around making sure the event was going well. But this time around, we were all able to relax and enjoy the event with all of our friends from around the district. This very event goes down in history as our biggest one yet! 

A huge shoutout to Alayna, Christine, and both the Fundraising and Creative Committee members for putting on a magical Fall 7/10 Split. Another shoutout to all of the Alumni who attended, always supporting our CSUF family. I can’t wait to finally become a general member again and see the next generation of board members host the next Spring 7/10 Split!


  1. Henry Pham

    I remember attending this event for the first time ever as a first year :’). Always love how nothing changes about the core and ideals of this event.

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