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Hello everyone, it’s your one and only reigning Kiwanis Queen, Christina Lam. Today, I will be (not so subtly) plugging District Convention (DCON), so that you all are more motivated to go! First off, DCON is a district wide convention which will be held on March 27-29, 2020 at the Marriott Riverside by the Convention Center. For those of you who have attended Fall Training Conference (FTC), DCON is similar in that there are talent acts/skits, awards, workshops, and so on. However, DCON is a more formal and professional event, particularly on the second day when district executive board members and division lieutenant governors will be elected and when award ceremonies take place. Attendees will have to wear business professional and formal night attire during these events.

Even though DCON does cost more than FTC, the price you pay is still worth it! During my first year of Circle K, I didn’t attend FTC, but I went to DCON and it easily become one of my favorite district events! At the time, DCON was held at the Mariott by LAX which had small balconies oriented towards the pool. During the first night, Bob (John Avelino) and his friend from Goldenwest College were on the balcony next to my room, so we stayed up to nearly four in the morning just talking about random things even though Caucus (when members who are running for positions give their speeches) started in about four hours. Then the second night, I was locked out of my room because Angela (I was rooming with her) couldn’t find her hotel card so I lent it to her, and it was probably past midnight, so my other roommates were asleep while Angela was still busy. I went to the lobby and saw my big (Carl Hernandez aka CJ) doing homework, so I just stayed with him until he finished. When he did, we went back up to his room (which was next to mine) and it turns out he got locked out too LOL (he had his card but the door had a latch lock so he couldn’t open it all the way). In the end, we just returned to the lobby and stayed up all night watching Pacific Rim. 

Like FTC, DCON provides lots of opportunities for you to bond with members from all over the district during sessions, but it also gives you plenty of downtime afterwards to connect with others, whether they be from our home club or not. If any of you are old Key Club or KIWIN’S members who have attended DCON back in the day, regulations aren’t as strict with Circle K. You are free to leave the hotel after sessions are over to grab a late-night dinner or just hang out (BUT DON’T BREAK CODE OF CONDUCT PLEASE). Overall, I think DCON is a great event, so if you’re able to go and pay for it, please consider attending!

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  1. Ahhhhh, I love DCON! This is definitely an event all members should go to.

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