Chronicles of Leadership (Pt. 1)
Chronicles of Leadership (Pt. 1)

Chronicles of Leadership (Pt. 1)

Hello, my name is Henry Pham and I am currently serving as the club’s 2019 – 2020 Club President. Spring semester is approaching and this is a very exciting time because you will see many opportunities pop up for you to grow and develop yourselves. This season is the time for elections, appointed board applications, divisional, AND district committee applications. I wanted to spend some time this week to give everyone the run down on all levels of Circle K, the different kinds of impact you can make, and the scale of your impact. I was very lucky to be able to serve on leadership positions on the club, division, and district level, so I’m going to be talking about each individual level.

Starting with the district level, this is the largest scale of impact you can make on a very large group of individuals. Many of you have attended big events such as Fall Training Conference (FTC) or District Convention (DCON). Our district board as well as district committees work very hard every year to put on these amazing events for the entire district to enjoy. If you wanted to get involved on this level, the very first step most people do is the same, apply for a district committee! There are currently 11 different district committees that you can apply for, I won’t go into any details about them for the sake of length but the 11 include the following committees: 

1. Club Building and Revitalization
2. Communications & Marketing
3. District Convention
4. Fall Training Conference
5. Finance & Fundraising
6. Kiwanis Family & Foundation
7. Laws & Regulations
8. Membership Development & Education
9. Member Recognition
10. Service
11. Technology

I was able to serve on the District Service Committee two years ago, and had an amazing experience with meeting people all over the district and planning our District Large Scale Service Projects. You will actually find a lot of our club members belong to any of these committees!  You are always free to contact them and ask about their experience. I am sure they would love to tell you about what it was like. From then on, if you wanted to do MORE you could go even further, and either run or apply for District Board. This is a very intense process, and if you have any questions about that, I highly encourage you to message me personally, and I’d love to help.

Up next after the district, is of course, divisional level! If going to the district is a little too much for you, and you’d like to stick a little closer to home, then I would encourage you to get involved with your division. The number one way you can do this is through applying to be on a divisional leadership team. Last year I was able to be a part of our divisional leadership team and serve as the Special Programs Assistant. It is a very enlightening experience because most of the time when you are involved with just you home club, you can become blind to the struggles and successes of other schools. Being on a divisional leadership team helps put things into perspective for you and allow you to get involved with many more schools. In addition to this, the Lieutenant Governor (LTG), may open up more opportunities throughout the year based on the team. Last year we were able to open up positions for the Divisional Media Team where members were able to help produce content for the division. This year our LTG, Katherine Hoang was able to open up positions for Divisional Clan Chiefs, which essentially served as Divisional Family Heads. So if you would like to help out the schools in our surrounding areas, applications will usually release for Divisional Leadership Team in Spring sometime after our new LTG is elected.

(Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for the second part of this informative blog post by our Circle K president, coming out soon!)

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