Anime with Adame
Anime with Adame

Anime with Adame

Hello y’all! I am Adam, but my friends gave me the nickname of Adame (Adam-A)! I would like to impart some of my Anime knowledge upon y’all. Anime is at its essence just Japanese animation. I started my anime journey back in senior year of high school. It spawned from my interest in a show I watched back in middle school. It was the one and only Naruto! I remember watching a few episodes back in the day; however, I never continued it until my rediscovery of Naruto my senior year. I got hooked FAST! From then I would watch an exorbitant amount of episodes a day. It became to the point where on school days I would watch a season per day (12 episodes). I was indeed obsessed. In about 3 months time, I caught up with over 600 episodes of Naruto. I was binging so much when I caught up to the latest episode. I was unsettled that it was not completed. At the rate it was going, it would have taken 2 years for Naruto to end. Yet, I did not have that patience and found out there was a source material for the show. It was something called a manga which was basically a Japanese comic. Luckily, the manga just ended its last chapter. So, I googled “Free Naruto Manga” and went to search for the chapter equivalent of the part I was on. It didn’t take that much time until I would read the rest of the chapters. After that experience with finishing the story of Naruto, I felt a void inside. It was hard to locate what it was. I wanted to watch something in a similar vain. At this point, I searched up shows related to Naruto. It led me to a page that talked about anime. I did not know what that was. However, that was the moment I went down the rabbit hole. From there, I found out about other shows like Attack on Titan and Akame Ga Kill. It would take me down the path of getting consumed by the medium. The rest is history. 

Why Anime? It is a medium that I have enjoyed for years and along the way has taught me valuable lessons with engaging stories. Besides that, it serves as a way to relax and disconnect from the real world. Anime creates a unique way to portray a story through animation. Western culture has deemed animation as something “childish” and for kids. However, that thought process is being counteracted by the stories and content of anime. I would like y’alls to join in on my segment “Anime with Adame”. All are welcome, from people who never watched an episode of anime in their lives, to the most dedicated of viewers. Stay tuned for reviews and discussions of anime on this segment! 

Thank you for reading! Until next time!


“Glory lies beyond the horizon. Challenge it because it is unreachable. Speak of conquest and demonstrate it.” – Rider from Fate/Zero

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