Fire, Ice, and Everything Nice – My First Snowcial
Fire, Ice, and Everything Nice – My First Snowcial

Fire, Ice, and Everything Nice – My First Snowcial

Hola, this is my first blog post ever so I will take the creative freedom to inform you of this information. Please bear with me XD. Now back to your ‘somewhat’ regularly scheduled blog post. Blog blog blog <3

I am lying in bed. It is 2:30AM. And I’m passing the time looking at my alarm clock as it tick-tocks away to my 6:00AM alarm. By some stroke of luck, I was moved from the waitlist to the official Snowcial list and was brimming (under the covers) with excitement. “Will it be like Science Camp in Fifth Grade? How many snow Angeles could I make before I freeze to death? Will there be bears? Lack of bear?” These questions and more kept me from a restful slumber, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to start the retreat everyone kept mentioning after Fall Training Conference. And so sleep I did not… 

The Chiu Chiu Train was a nonstop fun time. From racing the Kevin mobile to watching the roads turn white, and all the Filthy Frank songs in between, Co-Piloting with Eric Chiu was a great way to start the getaway! It was nice to know Hannah, Eric, and I had all pretty similar tastes in music, but what I really wanted to hear was the angelic voice of our very own Britney “Beyonce” Chow. I guess watching Alexis sleep with his mouth open is a pretty good substitute. Once our “Chiu Chiu train” made its final stop to the Snowcial House, the cold crisp air that surrounded us made quick work for our collective lack of sleep and rushed us inside. Leading up to Snowcial, I was feeling intensely remote for a while after I ended up missing the majority of my sunnyside family Christmas party and almost the entire CSUF CKI Holiday party. So the second I walked into the house, I knew I wanted to make the most of my Snowcial experience.

As soon as the sunset faded, I got straight into the kitchen and began the lengthy process of making Guacamole dip for the club. Moving around, cutting, smashing, and giving directions to Sandra, Kelly, Daniela, and all my other helpers, was amazing. But what was more amazing was having all the Hispanics in the club come around to roast my lime dip XD. ((Solo que yo creo que ustedes latinos son un poquito tontos para comer 😛 )) It sucked not having enough ingredients to feed everyone a bigger amount, but I am glad (mostly) everyone liked it! After cleaning up, participating in the activities, and playing board games all night, any sleeping would only stop the fun.

The next entire day was unforgettable. My new favorite CKI moment. From breakfast to the zipline swing, to the seemingly never-ending lip-sync rehearsals, and finally to the darkroom filled with whispers and tears. That night was equal parts cathartic and humbling, with a strong hint of the human experience. The MD’s, the activity hosts, and everyone else involved and participating knocked this whole event outta the park. I’m certain the rest of us who were along for the ride agree and are still sad it had to end.  

Snowcial to me is impossible to put into words, but I am writing this blog anyway for those who had unfortunately missed out. I unabashedly urge you to consider going, whether to District Convention, or to the Summer Retreat, or to the next year’s Snowcial! I am sure you will get more than what you signed up for.  🙂

As for me, looking back over recent months, I am grateful I made the right choice. Not necessarily signing up for Snowcial, but signing and submitting my application to transfer to Cal State Fullerton. I didn’t pick a school, I ended up picking a second home, and this family picked me. 

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