KACHOW-ing w/ B.Chow #1

Hello and welcome to a small and short segment I’d like to call Kachow-ing with B.Chow! With each segment, we’ll be analyzing and discussing cars. But I know what you’re thinking, “B.Chow, I thought you said you didn’t know anything about cars?” And I’m here to tell you, you are correct, I don’t know anything about cars. So, one question remains, why would I write about two things I’d rather not address or be addressed in public? The answer to that is simple. Someone told me I should and it would be interesting to see how I describe them without knowing anything about it because hey perspective, anyways let’s get right to it!

So, how this will work is that I will be giving my initial impressions about a car, then later reveal what car I was talking about. On first observations, the car appears to be a singular color of solid light blue, you know, not typically the color you would see often when driving around. I heard from somewhere that this model is a sports car, more specifically I believe that it’s a Porsche, but I can’t be sure as the emblem is too small for me to see correctly. Other things I’ve noticed is it only has two doors, I’m assuming that it’s four seated, but it’s kinda hard to tell because the windows are tinted and the inside is too dark to see into. Based on the scenery the car’s picture is in, it seems to kinda handle dirt roads well, but I’m pretty sure it’s advised that it should only be driven on paved roads. The owner of this car seems to have done some body work or placed a sticker on the back of their car. The sticker looks quite like a tattoo, but let’s be real, how can a car get a tattoo. But anyways, this looks kind of like an older model because I never really see these too often and the body looks bulky as well. That pretty much ends my commentary session, and now for the big reveal. I don’t know if some of you have caught on already with the segment name, but the car I was analyzing was Sally from the Disney movie franchise Cars. Hope you all enjoyed this light hearted analysis and I’ll see you next. Ka-Chow for now!

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