Hello. Kelly Quach here. The club knows me as the duck as my spirit animal because how close my last name resembles “quack.” So, I am here to tell you all about them. Ducks are aquatic birds found on every continent except for Antarctica. They can live in both fresh and sea water. Being aquatic creatures, they feed on small fish, insects, worms, grubs, etc making them omnivores. Ducks actually do eat rocks as well. These rocks are stored in their gizzards providing rough textures to help break down food. Drake is the name for a male duck, and hen is the name for a female duck. A baby duck is known as a duckling. Ducks have webbed feet to help for swimming acting as paddles. Fun fact! Ducks do not have any nerves or blood vessels in their feet which allows them to tolerate cold water. In addition, their feathers are waterproof to keep them dry. A weird thing about them is that they have three eyelids. Their sight is amazing with a field of vision of about 340 degrees. A shocking fact is that ducks can fly as high as airplanes, but usually they do not migrate in that height. Ducks can sleep with one eye open. During their sleep, they turn off half of their brain and keeping the other half to stay alert for predators. Like humans, ducks turn white with age. Meaning, with our very popular well-known cartoon duck, Donald Duck from Disney, does that mean he is really old or just a white duck? There is even a song for ducks called “The Duck Song” by Charles Bryant Oden. This song was released in 2009 with an audience for children. 

A preview of the lyrics can be seen below:

A duck walked up to a lemonade stand

And he said to the man, running the stand

“Hey! (Bum bum bum) Got any grapes?”

The man said

“No we just sell lemonade. But it’s cold

And it’s fresh

And it’s all home-made. Can I get you


The duck said,

“I’ll pass”.

Then he waddled away.

(Waddle waddle)

‘Til the very next day.

(Bum bum bum bum ba-bada-dum)

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