How I Prioritize CKI
How I Prioritize CKI

How I Prioritize CKI

A lot of people like to tell me I am very well-rounded, and I extremely humble myself, saying “jack of all trades but master of none.” I feel like I have dabbled in various skills but I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve excelled in any of them: from school to music, and personality traits that make me seem adventurous and outstanding. Everyone also asks how I balance these responsibilities and priorities. As most of my friends and acquaintances know, I am a biology major, en route to medical school, and am also in the University Honors program. “Hey Restie, how do you balance everything so well? You’re so good at everything.” Well, to truly answer that question, I have to say:

I don’t balance them.

Also, how you balance your priorities is solely up to you and how you rate the importance of your duties.

That is the advice I always give. 

This entire school year was an emotional rollercoaster for me, full of really bad lows that saturated the few wonderful, happy highs. I met my limit, I finally found the limit of priorities and obligations I could balance on my shoulders. There were many times where I wanted to run away and just not come back, to avoid the responsibilities that awaited. 

What I see as important may not be very significant to another person. A person’s responsibilities are subjective, and I just want to remind people that I am not a naturally a “star” student nor am I a “CKI til I die” type member. 

Even as a family head, throughout this term, I knew I had to set aside CKI multiple times. I am always reevaluating what is more important to me than everything else. School is the most important thing to me, and my thought process always revolved around school. “What assignments are due tomorrow or at the end of this week?” “What can I get done quickly and easily?” “Should I really go to service this weekend?” “I think I need time away from ____.” 

If you are anything like me, I am always thinking ahead, thinking of the future, thinking of the consequences. I am scared of the future because I pretty much live day by day with a long-term plan, especially when it comes to my education. So that’s where my priorities are set in stone.

I guess, from this, maybe you will all realize everything that is important for you, your growth, and your future. Take time to reflect on your priorities, what you need to do more of, and what you need to do less. I am saying this as a sort of advice, but also to humble myself because as I reflect this school year, things did not go as planned, even if I had my priorities set straight. But still, stick to everything that you believe is important for you, and you will find a way to balance your life. You are, by all means, allowed to stray from it to enjoy and take a break, to care for yourself, and relax. 

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  1. Sophia Herrera

    Hi Restie! Thank you for sharing your knowledge from your experiences. I really appreciate the honesty that you expressed in your writing, which can be hard to do especially on a public site. I hope that when quarantine ends I can be able to use your advice that I learned and apply it to my own life in order to prioritize my responsibilities well. Thank you!!

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