More Than Community Service
More Than Community Service

More Than Community Service

A few months ago, if you asked me what Circle K International was, I would have just told you it’s a community service club. But now, after getting to know all the wonderful people who make up this community, I can tell you that Circle K is much more than a community service club. They not only provide opportunities for service, leadership, and fellowship, but also provide many opportunities to get to know people who have similar values and beliefs. There are many people who can be of a support system and be there for you in times of need and this group of people can inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

In the past few months in the club, I have met a wide range of people who all held different positions in the club and they have all taught me something new. From the dedication of yourself to provide for the community around you to being a listening ear for those who just need to talk. I learned how to understand and empathize with others more. I learned that there is always something you can do to help others and no matter how small your contribution, it will have large impact on the world later.

There are so many people who have motivated me to do more with my life, to go out and participate in community service, (or during quarantine) spend a few hours of my day answering questions on quizzes for rice donations to the United Nations. They inspire me so much with their dedication and passion towards helping the community. Their belief that they can make an impact on the world inspires me to believe the same and want to work harder and contribute more to the world around me. 

Another life lesson that I have learned from Circle K is even a small act of kindness can go a long way. Being in a supportive community for someone and providing them with emotional support whenever needed can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Being there to listen to someone who is having a rough day can make them feel more welcome and understood and can foster a better environment where they feel safe to talk about something that is bothering them. In a few short months, I have learned a lot from Circle K International and I hope that everyone else has gained a lot of knowledge from this community as well.

I know this isn’t like the best article with relevant evidence to support my topic, but if you actually read it, wow thank you for your time.

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