SEVENTEEN: A Kim Nguyen Dissertation
SEVENTEEN: A Kim Nguyen Dissertation

SEVENTEEN: A Kim Nguyen Dissertation

OKAY LISTEN UP HERE YALL every since November in 2018 i FELL in love with the group called SEVENTEEN (all caps cause you gotta scream their name out because they deserve your love and attention). Okay so i honestly first got to know them through a dance group called ECLIPSE (honestly you should check them out they’re really great) and the song they covered was “Oh my!” and it is quite frankly, one of the best songs in existence. It is truly what you would call a “summer-bop”. However, i’m not here to educate y’all on their supreme songs but on the members themselves. A little background on SEVENTEEN is that they are not, in fact, made of 17 members but 13 members. SEVENTEEN stems from their formula that they consist of 13 members + 3 units + 1 team. It is really a well thought out idea and quite unique. Their fanbase name is called CARATS so it is as if they are saying seventeen carat diamond. Below i will include detailed descriptions on each member. I hope that after reading this, you will feel more enlightened about the group called SEVENTEEN and maybe become a part of their fanbase to help lead them to SEVENTEEN WORLD DOMINATION.

Choi Seung cheol (Stage name; SCOUPS)

He is the leader of the group and honestly cares so much for all the members. Once, in an interview he told the staff interviewing him that he actually cares more about the members than the company itself and if that doesn’t speak volumes about his love for them i don’t know what does. He also always mentions that he wants the group to continue to do what they love. He is aware that he actually acts kind of immature at times; during an episode of Going SVT he had to dress up as a prince and high five the actors in a haunted house. It was quite silly because he’d get scared so easily but would immediately do a 180 and ask for a high five so cutely. Despite his cuteness, do not underestimate his powerful charisma when he is on stage; as a rapper her certainly has a voice that is unique amongst rappers (please check out his part in Un Haeng il Chi). Additionally, as a leader he looks out for the members by taking up their opinions to the company and making sure that their voices are heard. This is one of the reasons the members see him as a leader figure not just because he’s the oldest. Recently he was having very hard times dealing with mental issues but has recently come back to support the team as a full 13 member group again; please support him!

Yoon Jeong han (Stage name: Jeonghan)

Jeonghan is one of the vocal singers in the group and is known for looking like an angel. HIs visuals are no joke but do not let that deceive you because he is a troublemaker in disguise. He pranks all the members; he once convinced Minghao that clams and oysters were used as currency in a small village. Despite that he really cares for and supports his members by always lending a listening ear. Some members see him as the mom of the group and always go to him when they’re troubled. He also is the member with the least amount of stamina but he works extremely hard to keep up with choreographies and i’m so proud of him.

Joshua Hong (Stage name: Joshua)

Joshua is actually a member from LA. He speaks fluently in english and is usually one of their translators during their US tours. He’s also a part of the vocal unit and has a sort of raw voice when he sings. It’s very natural and pleasant to listen to especially in the song “Home”. He can be a little of a bully towards the members along with Jeonghan. One time Dino, the maknae of the group, said that he never felt Joshua’s love because he never showed it in the first place and secretly Joshua pinched him to change his words. Really though, he is such a kind older brother and even peeled DIno’s shrimps for him during the world tour. Joshua also has his really funny moments like when he raps on the spot it is truly crackhead moments for him. He’s also skilled in playing the guitar and an iconic moment of his was during his trainee days when he was listening to “Give me Everything” by Pitbull and said everyone should drink more water not alcohol. 

Wen Junhui (Stage name: Jun)

Jun is kind of an outlier in the group because sometimes he can be insanely crackhead but also really quiet. Sometimes he updates his fans about the randomest things like buying a grill specifically for sausages. He’s a part of the performance unit but when he sings his voice is so smooth and his chinese songs don’t get enough love. He is actually a really skilled dancer because he’s so fluid in his movements. Jun adds so much character to the group with his loud voice and childlike nature; Jeonghand described a moment when Jun refused to stop stomping around the apartment because he felt like it. Wen Junhui is also plagued by the curse of the logo because whenever he’s in a group interview with his members, the logo always covers his face without fail.

Lee Ji hoon (Stage name: Woozi)

Woozi is the cutest little bub in  EXISTENCE his voice is ethereal and you will not regret listening to Bye Bye. He literally looks the face of a stingray SEARCH IT UP. He’s the vocal team’s leader and he heckin well deserves that title. He’s also the mini producer and lyricist for most of the group’s songs and has over 60+ songs under his name. He truly is a master at what he does and he loves/hates his members so much. This is because he’s the cutest one in the group and he knows it so everyone dotes on him. However he really does have a love/hate relationship with Hoshi because he’s always rejecting his affection but sometimes he can be soft to him. He’s also famous for flipping his rice and eating a bunch but the one thing he’s most known for in the group is how tiny he is. He really is a smol boi. Please look out for him.

Kwon Soon young (Stage name: Hoshi)

This man is the epitome of crackhead culture. Hoshi is the life of the group and ⅓ of the gag trio he’s a part of.He’s one of the funniest members and one of his most hilarious moments is when he tried to sing “All of my life” by Park Won karaoke version and i kid you not i died laughing and came back to life. He’s completely whipped for Woozi but Woozi only wants to stay away from this fool. He’s a little bit of an attention seeker and he heckin deserves all the attention he wants. He also has a penchant for asking for a bite of food from all the members. He’s the leader of the performance unit and his dancing is so good it gives you goosebumps. Please check out his choreo for “Bad” by Christopher. He also has a slogan called 10:10 because his eyes look like the hands of a clock when they point to 10:10. He is super obsessed with tigers and thinks he is a tiger but he is really a hamster;please support the word Horanghae (tiger and love mashed together) because he loves to use it.

Jeon Won woo (Stage name: Wonwoo)

Wonwoo is really a soft boy. He’s part of the Hip Hop unit and even though he’s a rapper, he’s so quiet and shy. He loves using sweater paws and wears glasses because he can’t see to save his life seriously. He says he can see you but he probably won’t even make out your facial features. He read a lot and loves to learn about everything. He’s such a bookworm and an introvert but all the members remember to include him in everything they do. He’s super smart and witty and you would really love him once you get to know him. His rapping can be so soft because of his low voice but his singing is also to die for as well.

Xiu Minghao (Stage name: THE8)

Now this MAN is THE man. He’s actually a baby. His cuteness stemmed from the day he said “dirty dirty jam jam” and it’s so cute I swear, search it up. He has so many charms and so many things he’s passionate about. For example, he loves dancing (which is why he is an important part of the performance unit), painting (truly an abstract genius), fashion (AA FREAKING FASHION ICON), and drinking wine (we love an alcoholic boy). Anyway, there’s so much to love about him, I assure you there’s not a single part about him you won’t love. However sometimes he can act too mature and cry to himself so please take care of this boy. He’s also known for this iconic moment when he called Hoshi out for not taking his idea and only agreed when the choreographer suggested it. He always gives love to DK and is best friends with Mingyu. His giggle is also the cutest thing about him; watch the compilations I swear it’s adorable.

Kim Mingyu (Stage name: Mingyu)

Mingyu is the tallest boy of the group and he is basically a big giant overgrown puppy. He’s always so happy and joyful and full of laughter. He’s also like a child still growing up because he’s so intrigued about many things and loves to learn about new things. He’s recently into photography and production and just released a special video for “Snapshoot”, please watch it!! He’s also part of the hip hip unit and his duality between his puppy mode and sexy mode is insane. He’s such a big part of the group’s energy and once when his hair was dyed red, he sweat so much from his excitement and performance that the dye was dripping down his head as if he was bleeding. His iconic moment was when he dyed his hair orange and everyone mentioned that he looked like a cheeto. Iconic. Mingyu is also so perfect for modeling because of his body proportions and is also one heck of a visual. However, this tiny boy is so insecure about how tan his skin is because koreans usually have pale skin but he looks so beautiful with lightly tanned skin so please support him.

Lee Seok Min (Stage name: DK/Dokyeom)

DK is literally the sunshine and there can only be one sun so that planet has to go. Sorry, I don’t make the rules here. Ok but seriously, DK is always happy and full of life. The members describe him as one of the kindest beings in the world because of how much he cares. He’s a part of the vocal team and is one of the main singers of the group because his voice is just heavenly. Just listen to “Fallin Flower” YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. He’s also so so emotional and you can tell just from his singing because his eyebrows are always showing how much effort and soul he puts into his singing. I swear he’s so pure and loveable that you can’t help but smile at him. His laugh is also so loud but adorable and he’s such a gullible little boy that Jeonghan and Joshua can’t help but prank him. He’s also part of the gag trio and is so hilarious from his dolphin noises to his pigeon imitations. All the members want to protect him because he can be so fragile. During his trainee days he was crying because he thought his singing wasn’t good enough and he still thinks like that to this day but we all know it’s not true. Please look out for him.

Boo Seung Kwan (Stage name: Seungkwan)

Seungkwan is the last of the gag trio and honestly deserves the title variety king. As you may know, Korea is known for holding variety shows such as Knowing bros, King of masked singer, Unexpected Q, and many more. Well, Seungkwan has been on 90% of them and always gets popular for it because he’s so funny and witty. He’s so knowledgeable about the trends and pop culture so it’s easy for him to get along with a lot of celebrities. He always makes the members laugh with his jokes but sometimes his jokes can be so bad that none of the members react and it’s so funny when he’s embarrassed about it. He’s also a main vocalist in the vocal team and his voice is so powerful. He’s known for doing a lot of the high notes in the group’s songs and he is a vocal king seriously. When he gets upset, it’s really funny because he always looks like he wants someone to hold him back. He’s such a diva and a sassy boy and isn’t afraid to put himself in the spotlight. However, he can be a little insecure about his looks because people think he’s chubby but honestly he’s just average and still looks amazingly good. Please continue to watch over him as he gets even more viral around the world.

Hansol Chwe  (Stage name: Vernon)

OK this dude is whack. He is like the unknown being in the world because he can be so weird sometimes. He’s just being his own person and living life the way he heckin wants and no one can stop him. One time he came in a completely colorful tie-dye outfit and with red-tinted glasses and said he couldn’t see what the members were writing because they were using red marker. I swear he’s so weird but it’s so funny. He’s known for looking like a miniature Leonardo Dicaprio but he doesn’t like being compared to him. Honestly, he looks like a prince when he dresses up and you should search up masked vernon because he’s so hot. I also love his rapping; his voice is so unique and makes everything flow so smoothly like his rap is very different from people who just spit words because he has this tone about it where it’s almost like his talking/singing. He’s also one of the babies of the group that needs to be taken care of because he can space out so easily and forget everything he needs to do so the members have to watch out for him.

Lee Chan (Stage name: Dino)

This baby is known as the FUTURE OF KPOP AND DON’T YOU DARE FORGET IT. He truly is such a soft boy and deserves so much attention. Hist most iconic moments are with Jeonghan when Jeonghan used to always ask him “who’s baby are you” and he would reply with “jeonghan’s baby” and it’s honestly so cute and pure. He can also be a bit of an attention seeker because he’s always self promoting himself. As the maknae of the group, all the members really dote on him and take care of him. He truly looked so fetus back in the day, especially his hairstyle in “Mansae”. He’s also a dancer in the performance unit and recently started the serious Danceology where he produces his own choreography for songs and i love all of them. He has such a cute smile with his small dimples and he really tries his best in everything he does. Sometimes he hates all the attention he gets from his members but they really can’t take their eyes off him because who knows what he might do on his own. 

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