The Path to Leadership
The Path to Leadership

The Path to Leadership

I was not the most active member of Circle K when I first joined in Fall 2019. I was a little worried after moving from high school to college, especially since most of my friends were going to different schools. Even though we were all staying in the state of California, there was more distance between us than ever before. This big transition without my best friends by my side made it hard for me to adjust to my new college life.

Cut to Discoverfest during the Fall 2019 semester and I saw Circle K. I was already in Key Club during my past 4 years in high school so I was already intent on joining Circle K International at CSUF once I became a first year. I joined the club without any hesitation and was excited to take the next step in my Kiwanis journey, but something changed when I got to the first general meeting.

I walked into the general meeting excited for what I was about to encounter, but all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed. I was not sure what happened, but I had no idea what to do. As the term continued, I was still a little afraid to go to club events, but I volunteered occasionally to do my part in the community. It was only after Snowcial that I opened up more and started to become more active in the club. I started talking to more people and really made an effort to go to as many events as I could (even though it wasn’t a lot).

Fast forward to elections and I witnessed some of the most dedicated members of Circle K International at CSUF. I watched everyone give their speech and talk about why they wanted to become more active in the club and that inspired me to run for Appointed Board. Taking after my big, Lay Hak, I decided to apply for the position of Historian. I somehow managed to get the position and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Being on board was the best decision I could’ve made because I get to do more for the club and really get to know our members on a deeper level. The main point I want anyone reading this to understand is that it doesn’t matter how active you are in the club. As long as you believe in yourself, you will accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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  1. Sophia Herrera

    WOW thank you for sharing your CKI experience! seeing you grow from a confused freshman to a present-day board member is an amazing story that i’m sure will inspire more members!

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