To My Breathtaking Board
To My Breathtaking Board

To My Breathtaking Board

  1. Sandra Cheng: Annyeong grandyma! An icon of many talents that has set so many trends for the club such as the famous line “the audacity”, or a wild love for raccoons and crocs. She really do be wild and crackhead but also grounded and level headed, sis really gets the best of both worlds. Thank you for pushing me – and CKI as a whole- to be the very best, like no one ever was.
  1. Kevin Lee: As our VPA, you’ve always been someone I can Lee(n) on. As treasurer, you were always back at it again, and now in this back to back term, you’re back at it again, having our backs, back to back, carrying the team on your back. Cheers!
  1. Garrett Moore: You are my uncle, and not only that you are an absolute C H A D. Every girl in CKI has had a crush on you at some point, and I am one of them. You are the one that made “breathtaking” my trademark™ and I’m grateful for that, it defines who I am.  Just like the egg that was once your head, you always encourage others to hatch out of their shell by acting as a leading figure to the club even before you became VPS. Cheers!
  1. Adolfo Alan Garduno: High key one of the funniest people in CKI, your memes are like a shot of serotonin into my system every time I see them. Thank you for going above and beyond in meeting themes (i.e. the time you had your mask during spy theme). I aspire for your assassin energy next year, killing people with your camera and killing people with your looks <333.
  1. Amy Pham: Hello, hello my board buddy :33. One of the wildest people I know, not afraid to start a fight (and that energy is passed on in your littles too). Sis makes the best spotify playlists, and IS NOT a weeb but you have great taste in 2D men. Thank you for being probably the first board member that reached out to me when I started CKI. Cheers!
  1. Daniela Mena: My bitter rival > : ) and also one of my closest friends in CKI. Life has done you dirty time and time again, but it’s amazing how you have such a strong capacity to still share love in the world. You see and appreciate the good in people that they didn’t even know was there.  I’m sorry that when I played a dealbreaker on you, and you played just say no, I just say no’d your just say no. I’m sorry that I’m so good at monopoly deal :3 . Ty for being one of my best friends and for keeping it a secret. 
  1. Brandon Tran: A TRUE Pokemon master. Thank you for being one of the only other people I know that has watched the new Pokemon anime (it slaps btw). Philosophy became 100x more exciting when I found out you were in my class behind me and we both tried to assassinate each other before signing a truce. You have the heart of a pure boy, and you bring that pureness into all you do for CKI. Cheers!
  1. Caden Tran: Hi welcome to ding tea – I mean – Hi welcome to 7 leaves. A boy that worked for two boba places so you know he knows how to mix it up. Your work ethic in the classes we took was an oof (but you too big brained to have to work), but your work ethic in CKI is the definition of B R E A T H T A K I N G.  It’s never a boring time whenever I’m around you. Cheers!
  1. Eric Chiu: It’s chiu chiu because whenever you’re around it’s all aboard the hype train. Awwwww yeeeeeeeeeee. You looked the best out of everyone else that one time you wore a dress. Thank you for hyping up the rest of board in all that we do. Cheers!
  1. Britney Chow: Brinayyyy CHowwwww. My recruiter, and also my #1 passenger for service. I didn’t realize when I joined the club that the one talking to me was our idol, our legend, our goddess. Hep hep Brinay’s and Bota Britney cheers could never equate to. I will forever be at your service, your majesty Brinay!
  1. Jason Nguyen: Swole boi, you alongside Garrett are one of the definitive chads of the club. It’s amazing how someone can radiate a lot of confidence, but it never comes off as arrogant because instead I feel like your confidence acts as an agent that inspires us all. I will never forget for the rest of my days the iconic “blog blog blog type type”. Can’t wait to see you in a boyband some time in the near future. 
  1. Jaslynn Diep: One of the highest displays of wholesome in CKI, it’s amazing how someone could ALWAYS be smiling, but you keep that energy up and you share it with the whole club. 
  1. Loren Padolina: Loren you are the definition of “glad to be along for the ride”, whether it is the insane amount of service hours you’ve clocked in, or unexpectedly being dragged out to seaside when everyone’s already tired. You’re also my #1 service passenger, and you make driving to service a lot more fun. Also just like Amy you’re taste in music is bopping. Everytime I see the slides before a meeting I’m just like “DAMN, they’re SO good!”
  1. Joshua De Leon: uwu that’s me. You’re breathtaking.

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