Alumni Advisory Council

Sandra Cheng

The Alumni Advisory Council comprises of alumni that are invited to serve as advisors to our board officers throughout the term. Each advisor has had a unique journey in CKI, whether it be as a board officer or general member. They are passionate and driven individuals who have found their potential in CKI and are dedicated to mentoring our student leaders to become the best versions of themselves!
These alumni will be serving as advisors to our board officers and their respective committees. You may see them at our committee meetings, general meetings, and various club events! They are here to advise, connect, and collaborate with our members to make meaningful contributions to the club as well as build memorable bonds with one another!

Annie Tran

Arts & Design Advisor

Josephine Chau

Kiwanis Family Advisor

Rafa Alam


Amy Cao

Fundraising Advisor

Carl Hernandez

Membership development

Adam Djabra

Spirit/social advisor

Ivan Hoz

Historian advisor

Angela Lagrada

public relations advisor

Kelly Low

Technology Advisor