Circle K International at Cal State Fullerton


Click on the event you want to attend and sign up at the provided link. If event states no sign-up is required, no further action is necessary than to show up (and be ready to have fun!) unless otherwise stated. **FOR IN-PERSON EVENTS: MUST COMPLETE & SUBMIT 1-TIME HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES TO OUR VPS**

Yes! Life outside of CKI always comes first, whether it be work, school, family, an emergency, etc. **Preferably, please let the event chair or an attending board officer know beforehand so we can accommodate**

Don't worry! Just make sure to contact the event chair for the event you signed up for. If there is no event chair, contact our VPS! **Preferably, please allow ample time ahead of cancellation**

If event has a sign-up: the event chair or corresponding board officer will contact you via the contact method you chose on the sign-up sheet within a a few days/a few hours prior to event

If event has no sign-up: a reminder will be sent out on our social media platforms a few days/a few hours prior to event

Carpool will be provided for every in-person event! Please indicate whether you'll need or can provide transportation on the sign-up sheet! If not enough transportation is available, or a special case arises, the event chair or corresponding board officer will contact you

Music to our ears 😀

You can sign up to be an event-chair via the Event Chair request form! If the Event Chair section is empty, then you have the opportunity to chair.

Updates to the calendar are not based on any schedule and is instead updated as needed/whenever new and current info is available. All dates and info are also subject to change without notice. Check back periodically to stay up to date!