District Fundraising Initiatives

Within our club, we donate money to our three District Fundraising Initiatives; the Pediatric Trauma Program, Kiwanis Family House and UNICEF. The Pediatric Trauma Program  (PTP)  aims to develop local projects which will help to reduce the incidence of children that are killed by trauma within the three state district, Cal-Nev-Ha. The funds raised will contribute towards the funding of these local projects as well as provide safety items for children. The Kiwanis Family House aims to build a supportive community around families who are impacted by medical emergencies within UC Davis Children's Hospital in Sacramento. Funds raised within this DFI will help to provide additional resources to families as well as improve the stay for the impacted families. UNICEF is a worldwide organization that helps to provide vaccines, support children's health and nutrition, provide sanitation and safe water and provides quality education to disadvantaged children. Funds raised will help to provide the resources needed to accomplish the organization's goals of providing better living for underprivileged children.

Pediatric Trauma Program  (PTP)

Develops local projects which will reduce the number of children who are killed or injured by trauma

Kiwanis Family House  (KFH)

Provides housing and support to families of seriously ill or injured children as well as adults being treated in the UC Davis Medical Center located in Sacramento, CA


World's largest provider of vaccines which supports child health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, quality education and skill building, HIV prevention and treatment for mothers and babies, and the protection of children and adolescents from violence and exploitation

Large-Scale Fundraising Events