Frequently Asked Questions

Circle K International was established in 1936 as a fraternity at Washington State College, with means to assist young men with financial problems in their education and career path. Recognized for its cordial values that shaped the characteristics of CKI, it became a service organization in 1947. Today, CKI has chartered nearly 550 campuses worldwide with more than 13,000 collegians, and has become the largest student-led collegiate service organization in the world. The organization is divided into club, division, district, and international levels while representing its three tenets: service, leadership, and fellowship.

Which division does Cal State Fullerton belong to?

CKI at Cal State Fullerton was chartered in 1996 and is one of the 10 clubs of the Citrus Division in the CNH District.

For more information about divisions, click here.


To become a paid member, please fill out the Membership Form. Additionally, there are membership dues of $20 for the Spring 2021 Semester. Please pay for membership via Venmo to @CSUFCircleK with the transaction note “CKI Membership”. For more information about membership dues, please contact our Treasurer at

What is the benefit of becoming a paid member?

Paid members can keep record of hours service hours, participate in the Mentorship Program, attend district and international events, gain leadership experience and skills, receive scholarships and more!

Can I still attend events even if I am not a paid member?

Yes, non-paid members can still attend service events and meetings. However, they will not be able to attend some club, cistrict, and international events (retreats, Fall Training Conference, District Convention, etc).

Due to the COVID-19 circumstance, Fall meetings will be conducted via Zoom. Meetings will take place every Thursday at 6:00 PM. Follow us on social media for more updates!

To register for an in-person service event, click the ‘Calendar‘ tab. Click on the event you want to attend and a spreadsheet should appear where you can sign up. More information about events are also posted on our Facebook page. 

Will my hours be recorded?

Hours for each event attended will be recorded for paid members only. 

In the light of the pandemic, most club events and meetings will likely be conducted through Zoom according to the mandates of CSUF, CSU Chancellor’s Office, and state and federal agencies. There will also be a few opportunities to attend in-person events. Consequently, the events have narrowed down the number of participants to prevent the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Members are not required to attend these events if they are not comfortable. As the Coronavirus is a changing situation from day to day, we will provide updates when needed.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or issues, please contact the Technology Chair at