Leadership, one of our three tenets and quality shared amongst all our members. You may think it is impossible to have a club full of leaders, but this home of ours gives us all ample opportunities to showcase what we are made of throughout the years. Whether acting as chair for a club event or participating in one of our club committees, there is always a chance you can take to improve yourself as a leader and as an individual. Like a slow crescendo, understand that leadership takes time to grow and develop. Likewise, your college experience can be whatever you make of it these next couple of years. Hopefully, you will come to find CSUF Circle K International as the best way to practice your craft as a leader and perform with us!

Adolfo Alan Garduno
Vice President of Administration


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Want to share something with the club?

Members are encouraged to host workshops about any appropriate topic they are passionate about to educate others and share their interests! By hosting workshops, individuals can develop their public speaking and professional skills. Workshops can be hosted at club meetings, as well as during divisional, district, and international events. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for our club, please contact the Membership Development and Education Chair, Britney Chow.

Interested in event planning and coordinating?

An event chair is in charge of overlooking an event and making sure that it runs smoothly. By chairing an event, individuals can improve their leadership and communication skills by directing and informing members. If you are interested in chairing a service event, please contact our Vice President of Service, Garrett Moore.

Interested in the behind the scenes of CKI?

Our club offers eight different committees that all members are welcome to be a part of! These include Creative, FTC Skit, Fundraising, Kiwanis-Family, Media, Public Relations, Service, and Technology. Click here if you would like to learn more about our committees. If you are interested in joining a committee, click here to apply. Beyond the club level, members are encouraged to join District and International committees as well.

Love fellowship and connecting with club members?

Family Heads are an integral part of the Family System, which allows members to bond with each other in smaller groups. Family Heads lead their families, host family activities, and encourage members to actively participate in the club. This year, we have six Family Heads and Families! To learn more about the Family System, click here.

Want to take your passion for CKI to the next level?

Board Officers are one of the bigger roles within Circle K and require much drive and responsibility. Not only do board officers host events and create resources, but they also ensure that everything within the club runs smoothly and effectively. Members interested in becoming a board officer have the opportunity to run for an Executive Board position or apply for an Appointed Board position. To meet the 2020-2021 Board, click here.

Want to meet new people and learn new skills?

Conventions are large-scale events where members have the opportunity to attend workshops, learn more about Circle K, and make new friends! Every year, there are three conventions hosted by CNH Circle K: Fall Training Conference (FTC), District Convention (DCON), and Spring Training Conference (STC). CKIx, an international convention, is hosted every summer where members can interact with clubs all over the world, gain professional skills, and more!