Circle K International at Cal State Fullerton
Mountain Runners

Welcome to the Mountain Runners!

Unlike the other two families, we like to stay on land. We climb mountains while enjoying the view. We never give up on each other or leave each other behind. Life is a Climb!

– Isabella Barajas, Mountain Runners Family Head

I joined Circle K after seeing our booth during Discoverfest and decided to check it out

I ended up staying in the club because it felt like a really nice atmosphere to be surrounded by and I’ve met some really nice people.  

I believe the family system is a way for one to get closer with people in the club. The club has many members so sometimes it is hard to fit in right away and make friends, but the family system helps with that. The family system is a small part of why I stayed in cki.

I love to go on trips, but I usually don’t get souvenirs when I go. The most I’d probably get is a sweater or something. 

The farthest I’ve traveled is Utah, but I hope to go to a different country next year!

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