Circle K International at Cal State Fullerton
Announcements & Updates

Welcome back to campus, Titans!

In an effort to slowly remove our heavy dependency on Facebook for the latest Circle K announcements & updates, I created this section of the website solely dedicated to posting the latest announcements & updates about our club.

Newest announcements are always first in each section; check back here along with the Calendar page periodically to stay up to date!

General Updates (2)

 Cal State Fullerton will be going virtual for the first two weeks, which means our first two General Meetings will also be held virtually! Check back on the Calendar later for more details.

– The Master Record Sheet (MRS) has been updated to 11/22/21! Check out your hours under the Club Resources page!

Service Updates (2)

– Be sure to log in your service hours on Titan Link!

– February service events coming soon!

Leadership Updates (0)

Fellowship Updates (0)

Website Notices

– Member of the Month (M.O.M.) page in the works!

– Updating every Family’s pages to include all the new members! (It’s been slow since getting pictures has been hard 🙁 )

Website Update Log

– [08/28] District Fundraising Initiatives page is now live

– [08/28] Flip Boxes under Who We Are have a new look

– [08/28] Fall Semester: xx/xx – xx/xx changed to Fall Term Announcements & Updates

[08/29] Added a new section to each Family Head’s Q&A; “What does the Family system mean to you?”

– [09/04] Fixed an issue where the current three family page’s URLs would revert back to their old URLs, causing a Page Not Found error; fixed a typo on the Families page (Officially -> Official); two new family’s pages (Choo Choo Trains & Road Trippers) are now live

– [09/06] Fall Training Conference page is now live

– [09/10] Social Media page created

– [09/18] Fall Retreat and Committee pages are now live

– [09/22] Membership Recognition Program (MRP) page is now live

– [09/29] Added event slider for District Fundraising Initiatives; removed 7/10 split from Gallery & replaced with Fall Retreat

– [10/02] NMI Page is now live; changed layout for event-specific pages

– [10/09] Board Officer page now has a picture for each Officer (not official pictures yet though)