Circle K International at Cal State Fullerton
Fall Term Updates & Announcements

Welcome back to campus, Titans!

In an effort to slowly remove our heavy dependency on Facebook for the latest Circle K announcements & updates, I created this section of the website solely dedicated to posting the latest announcements & updates about our club.

Newest announcements are always first in each section; check back here periodically to stay up to date!

General Updates (4)

– Our Club T-Shirt design for this term has been chosen! See our meeting slides for the 09/09 General Meeting to view the design and it’s author!

– Club T-Shirt interest form coming soon!

– 21-22 Membership Application is now live! Deadline: September 30th @ 11:59pm (Link)

– Our General Meetings are finally IN-PERSON (technically still hybrid) again! Head to the Calendar for more details for each meeting!

Service Updates (2)

– Be sure to log in your service hours on Titan Link!

– We’re a few weeks away from Light the Night, a member-favorite service event! More info on the Calendar and sign-up coming soon!

Leadership Updates (3)

– Interested in getting involved with our club this year? One of our six club committees might just be for you! Head to the Calendar for important dates and info!

– Citrus Division’s September DCM is coming up! Sign up on the Calendar!

– We have ONE more vacant spot on our 21-22 Board; who knows, maybe YOU (yes, person who’s reading this that isn’t already part of Board) could be our next FUNDRAISING Chair 👀

Fellowship Updates (1)

– Still missing the great outdoors or just want a good time bonding with members and getting in a workout at the same time? Join us at this term’s first Titan Hike on September 19th! More details in the Calendar!

Website Notices

– Graphics for our Family Head pages and the news blocks on the front page coming soon

– Official pages for Club Committees coming soon

Website Update Log

– [08/28] District Fundraising Initiatives page is now live

– [08/28] Flip Boxes under Who We Are have a new look

– [08/28] Fall Semester: xx/xx – xx/xx changed to Fall Term Announcements & Updates

[08/29] Added a new section to each Family Head’s Q&A; “What does the Family system mean to you?”

– [09/04] Fixed an issue where the current three family page’s URLs would revert back to their old URLs, causing a Page Not Found error

– [09/04] Fixed a typo on the Families page (Officially -> Official)

– [09/04] Our two new family’s pages (Choo Choo Trains & Road Trippers) are now live

– [09/06] Fall Training Conference page is now live

– [09/10] Social Media page created