Circle K International at Cal State Fullerton
Salty Sailors

AHOY ME HEARTIES! Welcome to yer sea lovin' family...

…the Salty Sailors! You’ll be joinin’ me crew scurvy crew as we sail the treacherous sea of a new year with non other than me for yer captain. Avast! Here we’ll be hoisting the sails towards adventure! All hands on deck to pillage harbors for food and drink, sing chanteys over cards at night, and to search the seven seas for the true treasure: friends :). So what de ye say matey? Will you get yer sea legs and tread the ocean? Or will ye walk the plank?

 – Angelina Clickenbeard, Salty Sailors Family Head

Originally, I came into Circle K in my second year because two friends (who were already a part of the club) made me go with them. I came to a couple of meetings, but I was a bit intimidated  and I honestly didn’t plan on staying; I was too scared to put myself out there. But with some encouragement, I went to my first service event – and I had fun. Then I went to another. Then it turned into a spontaneous boba trip and then yet another service event and after that?

I realized I wanted to stay.

Staying was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In my time here, I’ve met a whole bunch of kind people from all different backgrounds and interests, and were all searching for a place to belong. I hope that you’ll be able to feel like you belong here too, at least a little bit and especially within the family system. I can’t wait to see all my new scurvy crewmates out on the seas and I promise to try my best to navigate us to fun times, new friends, and lots of laughter!

The CKI family system is one of my favorite parts of our club! It’s a safe space to start branching out and meeting new people and going to events. It’s your support system of love :’)

I think the most interesting souvenir I’ve brought home would be phallic shaped pasta from my senior trip to Italy.

I would happily return to Italy for their vendor cart bread and cappuccinos any day!

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