Garrett Moore
Vice President of Service

Service is our first tenet and depends upon the compassion and goodwill of our members. As a service organization, Circle K International focuses its efforts towards making the world a better place. In working towards that goal, we at CSUF Circle K offer a wide variety of service projects that provide members with opportunities to give back to their communities. Whether you're building a playground for a low income community or maintaining an endangered ecosystem, you'll be able to recognize the impact and meaning behind your efforts. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, the satisfaction of helping others is something we can all share here at CSUF Circle K.

District Service Initiative

Each year our organization dedicates itself to a different cause in order to focus our efforts and make a larger impact within different communities. These annual initiatives are called District Service Initiatives (DSIs). This year’s DSI is Serving the Environment. This entails making conscientious efforts to reduce our own environmental footprint while also actively serving to help restore and maintain existing ecosystems.