2011-2012: Expanding the Horizon

With the club having built a reputation for itself, the 2011-2012 Circle K term expanded their horizons even further having two members gaining positions in the district and international level.

Board of Officers:

> President: Marc Boyle
> Vice President of Admin: Vivi Pla
> Vice President of Service: Julie Nguyen
> Secretary: Ashley Valdez
> Treasurer: Jerry Mora
> Campus and Public Relations: Jennifer Acoba
> Fundraising Chair: Stephanie Heydt
> Historian: Kasey Cole
> ICC: Helen La and Cari Tam
> Kiwanis Family: Paul Jessup
> Membership Development and Education: Junie Vuong
> Spirit Chair: Evelyn Prieto
> Web-tech Chair: Truong Pham

District Service Chair: Ally Bogan
On to ICON Chair (OTIC): Daniel Ha

Theme: Teen Titans

> 45 paid members
> 2,736 total service hours
> Raised $1,194.38 for Charity

District Recognitions
> Distinguished Vice President: Julie Nguyen and Vivi Pla
> Distinguished Club Secretary: Ashley Valdez
> Outstanding Total Achievement
> Distinguished Club
> Honorable Mention Non-Traditional Scrapbook
> Distinguished MD&E: Junie Vuong
> 2nd Place Traditional Scrapbook
> 2nd Place Mei Po Wong Silver Division
> Hall of Fame: Daniel Ha
> 100% MRF on Time

International Recognitions
> 1st Place Traditional Scrapbook
> 1st Place CKI Achievement Award – Silver Division
> Distinguished Chairperson: Ally Bogan