2012-2013: Pushing the Boundaries

Another year, CSUF Circle K soars into space with our new Wall-E theme. With over 60 members, a club all-time high, our space ship captain, Ariana Spero, leading the crew into new heights. The club earned 16 awards at District Convention at the end of the year.

Board of Officers:

> President: Ariana Spero
> Vice President of Admin: Cari Tam
> Vice President of Service: Linda Hoang
> Secretary: Ann Pham
> Treasurer: Junie Vuong
> Campus and Public Relations: Ivan Bernal
> Fundraising Chair: Judy Nguyen
> Historian: Katie Do
> Kiwanis Family: Marc Boyle
> Membership Development and Education: Kasey Cole
> Spirit and Social Chair: Teresa Nguyen and Natalie Do
> Web-tech Chair: Irving Nguyen

District Awards Chair: Ashley Valdez
District Technology Chair: Truong Pham

Theme: Wall-E

> 3,349.75 total service hours
> Raised $1,097.69 for Charity

District Recognitions
> Distinguished Club President: Ariana Spero
> Distinguished Vice President: Cari Tam and Linda Hoang
> Distinguished Club Secretary: Ann Pham
> Distinguished Club Treasurer: Junie Vuong
> G.E.M. 3rd Place – Sapphire Division
> Distinguished MD&E: Kasey Cole
> Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook 2nd Place
> Club’s Choice Non-Traditional Scrapbook
> Distinguished Appointed Officers: Judy Nguyen, Natalie Do, and Teresa Nguyen
> Mei Po Wong Overall Service Award 3rd Place – Silver Division
> Distinguished Club Award
> Total Achievement Award 2nd Place – Silver Division
> 100% MRF Submission

International Recognitions
> 1st Place Traditional Scrapbook
> 1st Place CKI Achievement Award – Silver Division
> Distinguished Chairperson: Ally Bogan, Ashley Valdez, and Truong Pham