2017-2018: Wands at the Ready

With another wizarding year for CSUF Circle K, our club continued to reach new heights. Although our club decreased in size, by the end of the term our club magically brought home 24 awards, achieved over 5,000 service hours and raised over $3,500 for the DFIs.

Board of Officers:

> President: Angela Lagrada
> Vice President of Admin: Annie Tran
> Vice President of Service: Henry Pham
> Treasurer: Patrick Voong​
> Public Relations: John Avelino
> Fundraising Chair: Ly Dang
> Historian: Melody Tran
> Kiwanis Family: Josephine Chau
> Membership Development and Education: Rafa Alam
> Membership Development and Recognition: Raphael John Pacquing
> Spirit and Social Chair: Sonia Hasjim
> Web-tech Chair: Kelly Low

District Treasurer: Ivan Hoz
District Communications and Marketing Chair: Jennifer Hoang

> 5059 Total Service Hours
> Raised $3,973.10 for Charity

Theme: Harry Potter – “I Solemnly Swear I am up to Serve”

District Recognitions
> Distinguished Club President: Angela Lagrada
> Distinguished Vice President: Annie Tran and Henry Pham
> Distinguished Club Treasurer: Patrick Voong
> Distinguished Kiwanis Family: Josephine Chau
> Distinguished Appointed Officers: John Avelino, Josephine Chau, Kelly Low, Ly Dang, Melody Tran, Rafa Alam, and Raphael John Pacquing
> Mei Po Wong 1st Place – Silver Division
> Outstanding Inter-clubbing Award 1st Place
> Outstanding Total Service Hours 2nd Place: Henry Pham
> Honorable Mention Outstanding Website: Kelly Low
> CKI South Chair: Yvette Huynh
> DLSSP South Co-Planner: Henry Pham
> Dunlap Award: Jennifer Hoang
> District Chair of the Year: Jennifer Hoang
> Hall of Fame: Jennifer Que
> Returning General Member of the Year: Carl Hernandez
​> PTP Fundraising Recognition 3rd Place
> Kiwanis Family House Recognition 3rd Place
> Distinguished Club Award
> Total Achievement Award 1st Place – Silver Division
> 100% MRF Submission

International Recognitions
> Distinguished District Chairperson: Jennifer Hoang and Ivan Hoz
> Hall of Fame Recipient: Jennifer Que
> Outstanding International Committee Member: Jennifer Que
> Distinguished Oratorical Contest 1st Place: Jennifer Que