2018-2019: Bloom

Yet another successful term for CSUF Circle K. Our blooming board reached even higher heights than the previous term by having an all distinguished board recognition during District Convention. With a huge increase in members, this term managed to snag 26 awards, 5,103 service hours, 8,558 leadership hours and raised $4,363 for DFIs.

Board of Officers:

> President: Josephine Chau
> Vice President of Admin: Raphael John Pacquing
> Vice President of Service: Melody Tran
> Secretary: Michael Hayes
> Treasurer: Amy Cao
​> Public Relations: Michelle Hong
> Fundraising: Kathy Tran
> Kiwanis Family: Christina Lam
> Membership Development and Education: Vy Nguyen
> Membership Development and Recognition: Carl Hernandez
> Historian/Technology: Kelly Quach

Theme: Coffee – “Service is our daily grind.”

District Recognitions
> 1st Place Growth Enhancement Membership (Diamond Division)
> 100% MRF Submission
> Distinguished Club Improvement
> Outstanding District Committee Member – Kathy Tran
> 2nd Place Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook
> 1st Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook
> 1st Place Outstanding Interclubbing
> Distinguished Appointed Board Officers – Carl Hernandez, Christina Lam, Kathy Tran, Kelly Quach, Michelle Hong, Vy Nguyen
> Distinguished Divisional Excellence – Magic Kingdom
> Don Hull Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations
> Distinguished Treasurer – Amy Cao
> Distinguished Secretary – Michael Hayes
> Distinguished Vice President – Melody Tran
> Distinguished Vice President – Raphael John Pacquing
> Distinguished President – Josephine Chau
> Mei Po Wong 1st Place Overall Service – Gold Division
> Camille Goulet Distinguished Club
> 2nd Place for Most Funds Raised for Pediatric Trauma Program
> 2nd Place for Most Funds Raised for Kiwanis Family House
> 1st Place Outstanding Total Achievement – Gold Division
> Lieutenant Governor of the Year Award – Angela Lagrada
> DCON Spirit Award – Magic Kingdom
> Hall of Fame – Ivan Hoz

International Recognitions
> Growth Enhances Membership – Diamond Division Second Place
> Outstanding Club Achievement – Gold Division Third Place
> Distinguished Lieutenant Governor – Angela Lagrada
> CKI Hall of Fame: Ivan Hoz