2019-2020: Growth

For the first time in history, CSUF Circle K reaches over 100 paid members. Under the leadership of Anime Board, the club obtained over 7,000 service hours, over 10,000 leadership hours, over 10,000 fellowship hours and raised over $5,000 for the DFIs. Despite the circumstances of COVID -19, members were able to make lasting memories and finish the term off strong.

Board of Officers:

President: Henry Pham
> Vice President of Admin: Michelle Hong
> Vice President of Service: Sandra Cheng
> Secretary: Douglas Shimizu
> Treasurer: Kevin Lee
​> Arts and Design: Christine Nguyen
> Fundraising: Alayna Lieu
> Historian: Lay Hak
> Kiwanis Family: Amy Pham
> Membership Development and Education: Adam Djabra
> Membership Development and Recognition: Ethan Chen
> Public Relations: Eric Chiu
> Spirit/Social: Samuel Lee
> Technology: Daniela Vazquez

Theme: Breakfast – “Served all day.”

District Recognitions
> 1st Place Growth Enhances Membership – Diamond Division
> 100% MRF On-Time – Douglas Shimizu
>1st Place Outstanding Interclubbing
> 3rd Place Outstanding Club Media
> 3rd Place Outstanding Club Website
> Outstanding District Committee Member: Douglas Shimizu (FTC)
> Outstanding District Committee Member: Garrett Moore (C&M)
> Outstanding District Committee Member: Nathan Dang (C&M)
>Outstanding District Committee Member: Sandra Cheng (C&M)
> Returning General Member of the Year: Garrett Moore
> Don Hull Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations
>John Woodall Distinguished Membership Development and Education
> Distinguished Appointed Board Officers: Adam Djabra, Alayna Lieu, Amy Pham, Christine Nguyen, Daniela Vazquez, Eric Chiu, Lay Hak, Samuel Lee
> Distinguished Treasurer: Kevin Lee
> Distinguished Vice President of Service: Sandra Cheng
> Distinguished President – Henry Pham
> 2nd Place Mei Po Wong Overall Service – Platinum Division
> Camille Goulet Distinguished Club Award
> 1st Place Outstanding Total Achievement – Platinum Division
> 1st Place Most Funds Raised for the Pediatric Trauma Program
> 2nd Place Most Funds Raised for Kiwanis Family House
>Distinguished Divisional Excellence

International Recognitions
> Growth Enhances Membership – 1st Place Diamond Division
> Club Achievement – 1st Place Platinum Division
> Distinguished District Chairperson – Bruce Casenaz, Erica Wei (Honorary Member)
> Returning Member of the Year: Garrett Moore