Trap Troupe

Alexis Abucejo
Trap Troupe Family Head
Year: 3rd
Major: Public Health

♫ Why did you join Circle K? ♫

I joined Circle K because I wanted to be involved in something during my college years. My roommate Ryan was the one that introduced me to the club, so I gave it a chance and went to one of the meetings. After going through some events and meeting the people here, I decided that this club was worth staying and it has been a lot of fun being here.

♫ What is your favorite music genre? ♫

I don’t particularly have a favorite music genre since I will listen to basically anything that sounds good to me. But, if were to say what I am listening to a lot right now it would be K-pop. Even though I don’t know what they are saying, the sound of the songs are overall very chill and nice to listen to. 

♫ If you could go to any concert right now, who would you see? ♫

If we were able to go to a concert right now I would definitely go to an 88 rising concert. They have a lot of my favorite artists including Joji, Nikki and Rich Brian. I was planning on maybe going with a few friends in the next one but this COVID is acting UP.

Listen to Alexis’s Spotify playlist here!

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