Mikayla Reilly
Treble Makers Family Head
Year: 4th
Major: English

♫ Why did you join Circle K? ♫

I joined Circle K because I wanted to try something new. With it being my third year of college, I knew that it was important to lay out strong foundations and connections with people and activities that are impactful. Fortunately for me, I already had some friends that were already in Circle K. This really cemented my interest for the club and I used that as a stepping stone to immerse myself in the community. Circle K reminds us that the good we put out into the world through the volunteering events are just as inspirational and impactful as they are fun.

♫ What is your favorite music genre? ♫

I like to think that I’m open to all kinds of music genres but my daily listening mostly includes pop, pop-punk, and rock. Shoutout to the boy bands out there!

♫ If you could go to any concert right now, who would you see? ♫

I would go see One Direction, I love them so much, y’all don’t even know it.

Listen to Mikayla’s Spotify playlist here!

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